Horoscopes for August 3-9

Scroll to your rising sign to get your horoscope below.

Aries Rising

Go Aries! Hurrah! Pushing forward for what you need and deserve isn’t always pretty, but the results of your effort will be a thing of beauty. You need to get paid and feed your babies, both literal and figurative. You are showing us how it’s done, leading the way in how to stand up for your self worth. Even though there’s a lot of in-the-moment action, do what you can to plan for the big picture. Apply some moderation. Make a budget. Plan for the future.

With all the pressure of responsibility to family, friends, reputation and living up to your values, phew! I tell you what! You need to blow off some steam. Create little oases here and there to find your fun. Plan little pockets of time and space to be a kid again. Have a really good time with other living beings you like being around, whether it’s a summer BBQ, watching a movie with your cat, clowning around with little kids, playing cards or finding some romantic moments.

Blow off at least one of your obligations to find time to gaze at the stars. To picture a world that tends to the pain points that were ignored, labeled as too-small or in-the-way. You can create a world where people can be more authentically themselves. What is it all worth if not to give your inner child at least some of the dreams they imagined possible?

Taurus Rising

You aren’t the same Taurus we thought we knew. Sturdy. Reliable. What!? Not this week. You made it to Oz and are back again with a whole new level of appreciation for your unique way of being in the world. You are revealing your true self. Everyone is loving the new you. Don’t spend all your wardrobe, hair and jewelry money in one place. Set aside a monthly stipend for personal style. Come up with a strategy. Make a look book and plan on acquiring pieces slowly over time.

Get thee to a karaokery. Sing with friends. Write a song. Learn a song. Listen to music. Make art with your crew. Do things that tell or re-tell your story. Whether it’s long walks with friends, jam sessions with collaborators. Maybe it’s getting real with colleagues and co-workers. Or you could read or watch things that feed your perspective and then talk to yourself about it. Research studies show that talking out loud to yourself while re-thinking things makes you smarter. Write letters to community leaders or public figures. Translate your personal experience to your wider belief system, personal values and community aspirations.

You have an opportunity to grow through conversation and re-orienting your worldview. Kill off dead weight, old beliefs and stodgy ways of thinking that don’t hold up to your lived experience. Charge through old assumptions, crashing expensive tea ware into a thousand irreparable shards (sorry for ruining these valuables and for the bull in a china shop reference for the tauruses). Make way for a new you on every level.

Gemini Rising

Invite new people in to your life. See the people in your life in a new light. Attract mutually beneficial relationships. As you resolve old issues, set boundaries or even say no to the dusty antiques old relationships hoisted on you, there is a new social fabric readying a soft landing, to welcome your arrival. People want to help you walk into your new light. Whether you meet them this week, or in the future, they are out there. Ask for help when you need it. People are there for you. Some of them have capacity to listen to your story and what you are going through. Just do what Geminis do best, and ask.

Speaking of things Geminis excel at, give yourself the freedom to think differently. Read a book with a totally new perspective. Go on a road trip. Get out of your box. You are rewriting your worldview and putting to rest the stubborn little unresolved scars that have been haunting you throughout your life. Getting perspective can help you shake loose those ghosties.

You don’t always know how the pieces are going to fit together exactly (even though you may want to lol). But you can imagine what it will feel like, allowing your hope and other peoples’ hope to fill in the blanks together in a way that ends up making perfect sense.

Cancer Rising

You get a true fairy tale this week. I recently saw a Street Food: Latin America episode on Netflix. Emiliana Condori, a successful street vendor in La Paz, Bolivia tells the story of establishing her business. As a child, she found great satisfaction in street vending, but after she got married, her husband would not let her work. They were broke with two little kids, but he still wouldn’t let her work. She caved.

Finally, she decided that she needed to take care of her children by making a living. With fierce conviction, she confronted her husband and began selling rellenos de papa on the street. She was immediately successful. But she continued to run into obstacles.

Most street vendors in La Paz, including Emiliana, are Cholitas, native Bolivian women, recognizable by their bowler hats and super wide, colorful skirts. Racistly, street vending was quasi-legal. Emiliana spent many days and nights in jail. To avoid incarceration, she hired little kids to keep watch, and whistle when the cops came around. Even though she wasn’t getting arrested as often, having to shut down shop at the spur of the moment slowed down the momentum and significantly cut into profits.

Emiliana got political and eventually her community organizing led to legal street vending. Her business sky-rocketed. She opened several stands, but then other vendors, jealous of her success began attacking her. Yet again, she fought tooth and nail, confronting her main attacker and eventually coming to blows with her. It was a physical brawl between two Cholita vendors! It was the final boss level of her life (video game reference).

After this show-down a couple decades ago, the obstacles to her business ended. She easily expanded and was able to send her kids to college. You can see the deep satisfaction she gets from her business and from her children and grandchild.

And that, dear Cancers, is your horoscope for this week, to soak in and unravel in a way makes sense to you.

Leo Rising

While I hope you are getting the attention you need, want and freaking deserve, I also hope that you are still giving yourself time to contemplate how far you really want to take things. Let’s shine a light on some of the enticing prospects in your life right now.

On the one hand you may be thirsting after someone who can help take the thorn out of your wounded paw. Or it may be you needing this alone time to help yourself, with the help of loving guides or spirits, or just you to giving yourself some gentle TLC. You may be getting help from someone close to you, a therapist, someone from your past, a family member or tight friend, helping you soften some experiences of loss that you have been wanting to resolve.

On the other hand, you have some interesting characters, project ideas or new potential work opportunities waltzing into on the scene. It’s fun. It’s jazzy cool. Yeahhhhh. There is lot’s to play with and riff on. You have great ideas for how to make something beautiful, unpredictable and “next level”. It could end up infusing your life’s work with meaning and depth.

The word to the wise is to pace yourself. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Keep it experimental. Wait and see before going all in. If you’re signing contracts, let it be within a limited time frame. If you’re kicking off a new professional career idea, do it as a one-off or limited run. With people you are signing on with, keep it in the probation period, for now. Step out into the spotlight and get that performance high you crave, and reserve for yourself an escape route to a secret hideaway for after the show.

You are cataloging some big breakthroughs that are helping you understand the world differently. It’s been a bumpy ride, but also satisfying. Reminds me of the Edwin Starr song, War, but changing it. We all get to replace a word from a lyric once in our lives, so give me this one. I promise to never again. “Triggers, huh. Yeah! What are they good for? Absolutely everything.”

Recently re-experienced memories freed up some space, which leads to a fresh take on reality. This week you get to experience some of the joys of having re-categorized life and re-oriented yourself. Clear-eyed and excited to weave a new pattern. You will have a couple months to submerge into deep analysis of yourself and your way of thinking. So, you don’t need to know everything right now. Savor this new tome you are perusing.

The exciting thing is that not only do you have this new lease on life and some newly blossoming perspective shifts, you are also connecting with people who excite you. Even if work-life balance or a stressful work situation is hemming in the open skies of your new worldview, it’s part of the story. The forlorn, oft-overlooked oboe section bringing in that doleful tone. For auditory complexity, they say. Odditory complexity, more like it.

There is an aggressive breakdown of your old standby ways of doing things. At the same time, there is a surge of hope, and maybe even some people gracing your social sphere, helping some of your dreams take flight. The view is great from up here.

Can I be a dork today and give us another song lyric but not change the words this time? Okay then, I will. I am thinking of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen:

“Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?”

Libra Rising

Access to wealth, gifts and favors sometimes affects social dynamics in our closest relationships. Imagine a sepia photo from the 1800s of a distinguished banker standing tall, his wife, seated, holds an infant. Standing about them are three adult siblings and a 6-year old child in a sailor suit. This “head of the household” has status in the outside world. He may have status in the home too. Or he may have lost status, at some point, due to an indiscretion or due to losing his wealth. Maybe several decades after his death, his great grandchildren are ashamed for the way he made his money.

Looking at a faded magenta photo from the 1970s of a 3-year-old baby with their 18-year-old parent. Their grandparents resent them. But the young single parent adores the baby, the apple of their eye. Let’s look at another snapshot of a 13-year-old wearing a boarding school blazer and acid-washed GUESS jeans. It’s the late 1980s, and this kid hasn’t seen their parents in months. Even though their birth was planned for, their life is an after-thought.

The way you appreciate your closest relationships has recently shifted. You are seeing the interpersonal dynamics and the give-and-take in a different light. Asserting your independence helps you blossom and come into your own, reinforced by a stronger sense of poise, it could feel like a hard-won windfall benefits your life goals.

Publicly, things are going along swimmingly. Even if it’s not ideal to ask for a raise, you could negotiate better benefits or receive a gift, as appreciation for what you do. Whether it’s just words of recognition or one co-worker you are vibing with, there is a positive note being played here.

How will you remember this moment and the people who mean something to you? How will you remember the time before?

Scorpio Rising

People are coming from out of the woodwork now, interested in partnering or starting something new. In older relationships, you are seeing each other differently, but you want to get down to brass tacks, and wanting to gingerly find out what the other person is bringing to the table. This role may feel like a new one to step into, or one you hadn’t taken as seriously until now. You are giving more energy to relationships than usual, so be sure to give yourself alone to to rest and recharge.

Some of the people who roll into your life right about now might astonish you. There could even be quarrels, misunderstandings or a sense of just not knowing how to handle this, but wanting to see them for who they are, from their own vulnerable position of investing in the things they love.

You are excited to connect to people in ways that feel authentic to you and what you stand for. You are investing in mutually beneficial partnerships that matter to you, to build something meaningful, persistently and patiently over time. In part, you want to create a world that reflects your ideas of universal truth, faith and togetherness. In another way, the pressure to create a meaningful network is more heavy than that.

It stems from a lineage, and the structures and traditions passed down from those who came before. Mentors and/or parent figures have worked hard to lay the foundation, and you have followed suit in building up from the root, in accordance with the universal laws of nature. Riffing on the fundamentals, you are altering the technique, updating it to be more in line with new information, and more true to your individual identity, and the causes you believe in.

Sagittarius Rising

Just as you were about to clock out and go home, the alarm sounded. Working non-stop, running on fumes, eventually your instincts kicked in. You have been going deeper into your most authentic expression, its delicious raw snarl being key to a meaningful life. There is irony to the idea of animal aggression carrying with it the seeds of truth, meaning and joy.

More than ever, you see how you can’t move forward, grow into success, until you embrace the most childish, raw and base parts of your essence. You are learning to trust these parts to lead the way. And to speak up, in order to survive, and to redefine what survival and prosperity means. To bring your group to safety, to a place you can all thrive, using your knowledge and skills in an inventive way. Your drive and determination kicks into a new gear.

Your primary motivation stems from people you care about. You notice their pain, and you want them to know that you see them. But it’s not just empty promises or simple acknowledgment. You want to deliver the goods, to send them money, care packages, real opportunities and set them up for decades to come. It could be blood relations, or people you have come to depend on like family. You feel indebted to them, not as a burden or obligation, but as a life-affirming belief in your inherent connection.

Unexpected responsibilities, when you have to dig deep, to sacrifice for something you believe in – these are the moments when you cut a path more true to your calling than you could have planned for.

Capricorn Rising

You are reinventing how you earn your livelihood, on the fly, by the seat of your pants. I ask you to look underneath the surface, to the roots of what is spurring you ahead, and you may find both pain and joy.

Let’s start with the joy. The innocent heart, bursting forth with an expression of love and creativity – this is the kind of joy I am thinking of. The joy of sprinting on fresh grass, of a butterfly landing on your finger, of blowing bubbles in the shade or spending all day making a sand castle with kids you just met.

Now let’s talk about the pain (you know you like it, baby). The peer pressure to shut off the open valve of creative flow. Giving in to the threat of a queen bee policing a stifling hierarchy. The shame and burden of going along with what you know to be wrong out of fear that it will sound out of place in the social order, get you called out, or worse, castigated.

The money-making work you are doing now, is an important fortifying step to heal old wounds and reinvigorate your creative impulse. Invite your inner child back in. This is one of those moments when pure, innocent fun and games will win the day. Bolster your pride, and go for the gold, confident in your inner knowing. The wisdom of the a child innocently speaking the truth will set the tone and establish direction towards a lasting game plan.

Aquarius Rising

You are taking your time to completely reinvent yourself. It’s complicated, and a long story how you got here in the first place. There’s family expectations and burdens. You are trying to live up to said expectations and handle the damn burdens. Here you are, in your workshop laboratory, industriously freeing yourself from these weights your born into. It’s more laborious than meets the eye.
Your efforts towards home, property and exploring your past will pay off. More profitable than career pursuits seem to be anyhow. You can find some profit in connecting your career and worldly pursuits to your origin story or hometown.

I want to point out a little window of light that opens onto a vast world, where you will have more freedom. At one time, as we grow up, we treat our child selves as a country cousins. On the run towards sophistication, we crumple up and stuff down our earliest memories and beliefs, seemingly immature ideas that didn’t add up.

Now is a chance to look back, not just for therapy or reprocessing. Rediscover the grace and simplicity of your child’s eye view of life. Go back to something that worked for you when you were young, and trust its country wildflower way of just being plainly itself.

Pisces Rising

You are rediscovering who you are and what you offer the world, but instead of marching triumphantly forward, it’s been a slog. A humbling wait in a long ass line. Core pieces of your identity feel more complicated than ever. You can try to plan what it is you want to do, the valuable role you want to play, but the secure sense of purpose that you envision escapes your grasp.

Why not let sleeping dogs lie for the moment. Let that figure itself out under the surface for now.

Let me lure you away to a gem-filled lagoon of enchantment. Why not practice your talents. While away the hours playing music, making paintings and writing little stories. Romp in the fores-

But… Get gainfully employed, they said. Life’s a bitch, they said. That Pisces weirdo better figure out a way to pay the rent, they said.

Ignore them. If you want to prove that you’re “being responsible” then commit to something wholesome and edifying. Keep it basic. Stay hydrated. Go on a 10-minute walk every morning. Take a social media break. I mean definitely do that. Just be with the wind in the leaves and your natural creative talents. Talk to friends and collaborators who you like to play with. Be with kids, and let their wonder lead your days. Explore nature. Lie on your back with a pal and have a conversation while peering up at the stars. Write down your dreams.

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