Horoscopes August 10-17

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Aries Rising

In spite of pressure to align to the established conventions of your social sphere, you are making headway in the value you place on your work, and the things you contribute to this earth place we live on. Everything is fresh, fractured and exciting all at once.

Moving forward without needing to force a typical motivation towards a congratulatory type of success. It’s leading with all the parts of you, unapologetically. But without all the parts in working order, it is an even more bold move, more self-assured. Everything will figure itself out as you become more, and lose more parts of you that now, at this point in time, were never really you anyways. I am thinking about the first three lines from this new Ocean Vuong poem, “Beautiful Short Loser”:

Stand back, I’m a loser on a winning streak.

I got your wedding dress on backwards & playing air guitar on this dirt road.

I taste my mouth the most &, let me tell ya, what a blessing.

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Taurus Rising

In “Crying in H Mart”, Michelle Zauner talks about how her mother would often ask for “the usual” when ordering food and drinks.

“What I never seem to forget is what my mother ate. She was a woman of many ‘usuals.’ Half a patty melt on rye with a side of steak fries to share at the Terrace Cafe after a day of shopping.”

She went on to describe a scrumptious list of things her mom liked to order. Zauner’s mom observed other peoples’ favorites as a way to show affection, to notice what gives them pleasure.

“I remember these things clearly because that was how my mother loved you, not through white lies and constant verbal affirmation, but in subtle observations of what brought you joy, pocketed away to make you feel comforted and cared for without even realizing it… She remembered which banchan side dish you emptied first so the next time you were over it’d be set with a heaping double portion, served alongside the various other preferences that made you, you.”

One way to show love to yourself or others is to acknowledge personal tastes, the things that make you (or others) feel comfortable and alive. The things that fulfill you may not always fit into the cultural norms or align with sober agreements you made in an important way. You can break the rules like eggs, fry them on a griddle and eat them for breakfast. If that is delicious to you.

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Gemini Rising

“Black and orange stray cat sittin’ on a fence

Ain’t got enough dough to pay the rent

I’m flat broke, but I don’t care

I strut right by with my tail in the air”

Lyrics from The Stray Cats song, “Stray Cat Strut

Even if you feel a little rudderless these days, you still got cat class and you got class style. Strutting through the night, taking a second look, to re-orient yourself and re-map your terrain.

Nighttime, speckled with stars, planets and a changing Moon is a time of dreams, the half of our day where we peer what’s underneath. These days you are able to talk about things that are under the surface. To have words for what was previously in your subconscious understanding. Feeling out new truths through conversations with all kinds of cats. Tabbies. Black. Orange. All the varieties known to Cat Fancy Magazine, and then some (the strays breed how they want to breed. meow.).

Revealing insights. Excavation of ideas, perspectives and understandings. Trying out new ways of capturing ideas. Breaking the mold and experimenting out on the town, or in your imagination. You are free to prowl.

“Wild stray cat, you’re a real gone guy

I wish I could be as carefree and wild

But I got cat class, and I got cat style


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Cancer Rising

When you are raised with a certain framework that was passed down to you, you hold onto that as an adult. It isn’t until you see it with adult eyes that you may alter or expand on the given way of seeing things.

It reminds me of a This American Life episode, “Kid Logic”, where they investigate how when you assume a thing to be true as a child, and don’t re-evaluate it, you may continue to believe even a false belief. For example, one woman told the story that when she was like 9 or 10, she came up with the idea that unicorns are an endangered species. Why not? A narwhal is a whale with a horn that is endangered, it’s feasible that there could be a horse with a horn on its forehead.

Through her twenties, she hadn’t ever dusted off that old belief and re-examined it. She had let it be true in her library of facts. It wasn’t until she asked friends, in all seriousness, if unicorns were still endangered. In a moment of embarrassment, she realized that this “fact” was not true.

Some of the stories from the podcast episode were white lies that parents or siblings told them when they were small, in order to save them from a harsh reality that a little kid can’t handle. Some were handed-down beliefs, unique to their own weird family.

Now is a fine time to dust off and question some of those ancient, crusty beliefs. To get out of your box, travel, read, philosophize, fact check and re-envision your values, beliefs and what could be.

Tips joyously accepted.

Leo Rising

Things are heating up in your kingdom. You are receiving lots of attention, some of it resoundingly wonderful, some of it is more challenging. In particular there could be an upset or a clamor for change, in an area of life where you are being seen and taking leadership. People are asking you to suddenly shift, a change of strategy to get better results on a collaboration. A sudden request to drastically change your tune. It’s like, “But this is me! And this is the song we’ve been rehearsing!”

Can a tiger change it’s stripes? Can a sparrow change its morning song to the world? Well, actually, a tiger can sort of change its stripes (through natural selection). And, yes, sparrows and many songbirds frequently change their chirps. For example, the Great Tit (yes, Leo, your tits are great too), when living in an urban population sings faster and in a higher pitch. This is so that it can be heard above the environmental noises of the city.

After the Full Moon Thursday night, some of the tension may ease, but there will still be a pressing need to change your tune. Be ready to re-invigorate and re-structure the way you partner and get your work done.

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Virgo Rising

This week the focus is on healing and soul-searching. There is a lot going on behind the scenes, whether with therapy, self care, new sudden realizations about life and self, or feeling the struggle to create a work-life balance.

Get to work! Just kidding… don’t overdo it. Keep showing up, stay present and stay focused on getting things done in the moment. It could be hard to feel organized with so much going on with real world responsibilities and inner revelations. Just be. One foot in front of the other.

You are learning a wisdom path towards simple things, the quest towards the mythical work-life balance. The thing you can never have, yet must constantly strive towards. Whether it’s a koan or a riddle or some random sentence I just wrote, you are working through the hard stuff. This week, you may get insights into past suffering, could stumble on new pleasure highways or suddenly find some other kind of lovely beastly treasure all your own.

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Libra Rising

Hey, how is my favorite shape shifting superhero doing? Able to be in all places at once. Capable of being all things to all people. Family, work, friends and even your own personal needs may all be clamoring for your attention this week. Public projects and group connections may be winning in this war of getting your attention. But your family and more intimate relationships are purring, pawing and meowing for your love.

The sign of Libra reminds me of the superhero, Plastic Man, whose body is malleable, somewhere between liquid and solid, he has complete control over his structure. He can bend and bounce and stretch and contort in all unimaginable ways. But it is because of his temperate, middle-ground nature that he is able to maintain such flexibility.

Plastic Man’s supple strength is vulnerable to extreme temperatures or sudden changes of any kind. If he is forced into a sudden shift of environment, his body could shatter, melt or solidify.

The Libra constitution is similar. You can bend to so many peoples’ needs, as long as you modulate your shape shifting at an even-keel, gentle pace.

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Scorpio Rising

Is this sultry tango with others, or actually with yourself? You have sensed and probed on every level what works and what doesn’t, but you also want to hear out what your partner is bringing to the table. You want to avoid conflict, and all you are asking for is a teensy weensy bit of… complete and unadulterated control!

More than any sign, Scorpio knows the value of the saying, “With great risk comes great reward.” Important partnerships are bringing big change to the table that can feel unsettling or destabilizing, but you know in your gut that this disruption is towards a more generative future. Nothing can stay the same, and you know that sacrificing the old ways of doing things is key to staying alive.

Current relationships may bring up a love/hate dynamic, the very type of dynamic you love to hate. Maybe not that extreme, but there’s a back and forth between my way versus your way. The fulcrum is holding the center, while plotting how much to risk for eventual reward. This game is thrilling, annoying, but also really fun. Ultimately, being willing to lose your old communication style through play and experimentation will pay off.

Excerpt from an Untitled poem by Rosamond S. King:

“whose coagulation

pools below? don’t


:your safe parlor

your safe larder await

. the flood is outside

your door”

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Sagittarius Rising

There is what you want, and then there is where you are in the process of getting there. My Sagittarius Rising neighbor, Cleve, leads a fabrication workshop. He has designed puppets for Jim Henson, over-sized animatronics for Comic-Con and numerous sculptural pieces for the film industry. Cleve said that over a decade ago, when he was in his early 20s, he envisioned this job for himself. Through intentional magic and willpower… poof! his dream job appeared.

The ability to envision a reality for yourself seems to be a distinctly Sagittarian trait. Whether magic is true, or it’s just about enthusiastically positioning yourself well, that is up to you to decide. This week, the reality you want to be true is getting road-tested. As you experiment with how your creations are coming along, you may go back to the drawing board and rework your designs.

After work, Cleve, is always smoking on the stoop, ready talk about the woes of trying to make his visions a reality. Puffs of smoke fluffing around his head like dreams, Cleve also loves to share photos of his awesome creations when they successfully come into fruition how he imagined. As much as Cleve is a dreamer, he is also a materials guy, and knows every type of material out there, and puts in the hard work of collaborating to find ingenious ways to materialize an imaginary character.

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Capricorn Rising

Clout and self-esteem are inter-connected, whether or not they should be. In a way, we are all inventing our identity and self worth through achievements, important roles, personal swagger, social networks and the really cool things we have. It starts as early as preschool. Little kids use their first words to state the objects they identify with. They talk about their parents with competitive pride.

I used to take my nephew to preschool. His dad was not in his life, and when the other kids would boast about their dads, it was a huge blow to his 3-year-old ego. His eyes, so gentle and quivering. Protective rage bubbled up in me. I wanted to instantly fix humanity for him at that moment. To magically undo the status one gets from having the awesomest toy in their hands and the most importantest parental figures. (for the record, my nephew was qualitatively superior to every one of these toddlers)

This identification with stuff lasts through adulthood. Going to a party or bar, it’s important to have something in your hand. Even better if you are holding a drink that you ordered like you’re James Dean. You can saunter around with your “jack double rocks” like you own the place. But maybe this week, if you order your drinky drink like a know-nothing shrimp, be sure to tell yourself you’re still a top-notch human specimen.

A buck for luck.

Aquarius Rising

Sometimes there is nobody to ask for advice or help, even when you feel most naked and afraid. The friends, family and partnerships we rely on for support are sometimes so embroiled in the situation itself that we can’t ask them for guidance on the situations they are also wrapped up in.

In these cases, we rely on ourselves. There is a next level resourcefulness, getting inspiration from the internet, from reading stories or manuals, from wandering into rabbit holes that lead you to god knows where. It really is “god” knows where, because I think there is an intuitive stumbling on the answer that happens when we follow a wild hair. It’s in this seeming random derive style rambling that the answer is derived.

There is a parking lot in my neighborhood in Hollywood, adjacent to the LGBT Center, that is fully surrounded by towering spray-painted graffiti murals. When I walk the neighborhood, I often wind up in this mural grove. Being unofficial, made by local artists on their own volition makes it feel like a freedom zone, which opens up independent soul-searching for me. It’s an accidental destination. A place my magic 8-ball feet take me when I am looking for an answer that may or may not have a question.

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Pisces Rising

G’day my sweet, slippery angel fishes. How’s it shimmering? Hope it’s been shimmering strangely. Your independence and personal power is to be found in the most flip-side of places. When life gets hard, reach out to the cement walk and soften it with your finger tips. Don’t let anything stop you from exploring in a weird and uncalculating way. You need to be appreciated for how you dig up the overlooked and materialize the way you imagine it.

“I sometimes feel like I am physicalizing elements that intrigue me from historical accounts, bringing them into a space where I—and others—can encounter them and renegotiate or recirculate their meaning.” – Candice Lin, artist referring to new installation, Seeping, Rotting, Resting, Weeping

You are remixing meaning through creative envisioning. Don’t let doubt seep in. Bring in the people who are ready to appreciate your talents and way of altering perception. It is important that you fiercely protect your personal journey to define what matters to you about your world, about yourself, everything from your values to your possessions and how you make a living.

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