Horoscopes August 17-24

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Aries Rising

There is a special timing to when a tightly-bound bud unfolds its petals, like a dancer’s arms and neck flaring back in an expression of emotional release. Coming into your own has been different than you ever could have outlined or deliberately chosen. To take on a new role takes listening to a special timing, with long boring waits and unexpected bursts of action.

This week you drive right into the heart of your most authentic center. Proxy parts of yourself fall away, those that you held onto while waiting for the real parts to be born. You are able to listen more calmly, patiently and thoroughly, IF you choose to. (that’s a big “if”)

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Taurus Rising

The nature documentary, Castles of Clay, examines the architecture and homekeeping of African termites. Outside, the structure looks like a miniature mountain, reminiscent of a Gaudi residence. Inside, the termites have a well-organized structure of caverns, a section for the dead, for breeding… there are ventilation shafts and even a mushroom garden. These fungi cannot live without the termites, and the termites are fully dependent on the fungi for their survival as well.

What is home to you? How are retrofitting, rearranging and remaking your home? This is the time to dig deep, excavate, navel-gaze and create the home that feels super cozy and spiritually nourishing for you.

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Gemini Rising

Dear gentle, ladybug. Time is one of those interesting subjects that a Gemini could flit on forever about, right? In that case, let’s give time a glance. If today is today and the time is feeling like rest is needed, then take it.

Assuming your throat is saying to your mind, “Let’s sing and shout!” Then, by all means, let it. It’s time for singing and shouting! But if your throat says to write and whisper, then it’s time for that. Find a cozy, soft closet to huddle in and lean your head against the pillow and let the cat purr on your lap.

When it’s time to come out of your soul-searching, singing and automatic writing escapades… you will feel it. And when that happens, you can always say yes to that impulse too.

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Cancer Rising

You know that feeling when you are having a chill drink under the moon under a tree listening to twanging guitar country music that sounds like water and you’re allowed to stare off wistfully without feeling too cheesy because so much shit is actually going on that you legitimately earned this moment so may as well take it and let the vibe take care of you for a moment or two while you picture scenes from your day or years ago even and then fade in a sliver of moon and the cool of your drink and the sound of leaves and let it all make sense in its own way?

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Leo Rising

Telephone companies did not serve rural districts until after the 1940s. Farmers ran wire from their home phones to their barbed wire fencing, which they gave a slight electrical charge so it could carry a signal to the neighboring farm.

A region may have dozens of local farmhouses all connected up together by a “party line”, mostly connected by barbed wire. The phone would ring in all houses, and everyone could listen in on the call. Sometimes a neighbor would play music or read the newspaper for everyone to listen to.

As you learn new ways of setting boundaries and connecting with people for practical shared goals, take inspiration from this example of crafting ways to creatively reuse and restructure communication.

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Virgo Rising

In 1815, Ada Lovelace was born to Lady and Lord Byron, a mathematician and a poet, respectively. It was a polarizing time, between the Industrial Revolution automating daily life and Romanticism idealizing nature with emotional indulgence. Lovelace’s parents split up before her birth, and she was gifted with both her dad’s poetic vision and her mom’s analytical mind.

In her description of Charles Babbage’s “analytical engines”, Lovelace penned the very first computer algorithm. She distinguished that a calculator just crunches numbers, whereas a computer can manipulate any data, including images, words, music. Whereas most people thought Babbage was mad as a hatter, Lovelace was able to picture what was possible and put it into clear language.

This week, you may feel pressured to describe what you mean, and illuminate a new dimension in the process.

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Libra Rising

Sometimes you can catch more flies with knowing your endgame, and honey. You may not want flies though anyways. Who wants flies? Or, maybe it doesn’t really matter what they are, as long as they like you.

In the late 60s Ursula Le Guin sent a story to Playboy. “Unwilling to terrify these vulnerable people,” she sent it under the non-gendered name U.K. Le Guin. When they asked for a bio, she “saw the whole panorama of U.K.’s life as a gaucho in Patagonia… the abbot of a Coptic monastery in Algeria. We’d tricked them slightly, though, and I didn’t want to continue the trickery. But what could I say? ‘He is a housewife and the mother of three children’?”

Playboy printed the story and fabricated bio. With the check, Le Guin bought a new red VW bus in cash.

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Scorpio Rising

A creative movement grows like a tree, the trunk twisting and scabbing with the environment. The branches reach towards the sun, in flux with the wind and creatures that live in its hair. Growing above and below, intertwining with different living beings, from lychens to mycelia.

One of my favorite diversions is to explore how music styles proliferate new music styles, growing organically. Right now you are steeped in multilayered social inter-influencing. At times, actively nurturing, other times letting nature take its course. How will you take snapshots of this nascent phase – like a baby scrapbook so you don’t forget? Here are some Music Trees to inspire you:

Acid House

Pop music




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Sagittarius Rising

The 2015 Paris climate agreement works on the basis of “reciprocal action”, meaning that countries follow the lead of each other. For example, when Trump stopped the US effort to help the global climate, other countries stopped trying too.

Yesterday, Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act, which includes a climate tax bill that will significantly cut US greenhouse-gas emissions. The US is the largest greenhouse gas emitter, so this will have a HUGE impact. But even bigger is the US influence other governments to mirror this positive action to reduce emissions.

You have some great ideas on essential next steps and visionary ways of doing things. Zoe Chance offers good tips on how to persuade a group to accept a good idea – I hope it helps you this week.

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Capricorn Rising

Yesterday I told a dancer that I had knee surgery in December. The change in my movement is a point of pride, how a scar adds character. But it’s both sad and joyful. He offered hope, but also understanding that there is permanent loss. Some of his friends fully recovered from surgery, but their dance will always be different due to having a different body mechanics.

Artist-collaborators, Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme, make work that is about not forgetting. They explore “how experiences of loss and expressions of resistance from Arabic-speaking contexts can be communicated, archived, and preserved.” Their work is about creating community from a place of honoring loss, painful history, cultural pride and its unique expressions.

Can you move forward without “letting it go”, with all your parts, but some in pieces, a fractured wholeness, a living archive?

A buck for luck.

Aquarius Rising

Western science used to describe the world in more mechanical terms. For example, the belief that the planets were arranged in perfect order of spiritual perfection, held in unchanging orbit by an ectoplasmic substance called the celestial spheres. Darwin’s theory of evolution was interpreted as a ladder of development, starting at inferior and moving towards superior. Old science paralleled the social strata, the rules of how bodies were (and still are) policed according to class, race, gender, etc.

With the science of quantum physics, we observe the smallest particles as waves, which may change or take shape, with the act of observing affecting the outcome. Parallel to current science, our cultural understanding is more open to complexity and change, and conscious of how we affect each other through observation and identification. I hope your internal structure is undergoing a demolition and weird experimental regrowth (not a cold hardening) that reminds me of this shift in viewpoints.

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Pisces Rising

There are so many levels of reality, and it can be hard to point to what is real, and what isn’t. Layering can give a more complete and satisfying representation. But it can be more confusing, and hard to tell what is really going on when you are tuned into multiple layers at once.

It reminds me of watching a documentary movie, where as a viewer, I am clocking the story as it was edited, the subjects themselves, the facade the subjects want to front, the lighting, the sound design, the network, the historical context, additional info from Wikipedia, the popcorn I am eating, the sound of a car alarm outside, the late summer breeze… Reality is gleaned piecemeal, I think. Yet deception abounds, I think. What do you think?

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