October & Eclipse Horoscopes

Scroll to your rising sign to get your horoscope below.

Libra Rising

Ruminate on what really matters to you and what treasures you are willing to part with. Even if you had some squabbles earlier this month, you have opportunities now for spontaneous adventures and open-hearted conversations. Whether through books or travel, wander curling pathways to gain fresh understanding. Around the 20th, some rough scrapes can foil your desire for everyone to get along. Your non-confrontational style can be your worst enemy. Now is the time to directly state what you need most. Stop trying to “make things work”. Take stock of what really matters.

October 23 through November 8, is an opportune time to make sacrifices. Choose wisely or the gods and demons will choose for you. Consider what really matters to you, especially with people in your life. Relationships are a bundle of affections, favors, tricks and treats. You may experience a clash of wills around November 5-6 that could involve deciding what alliances to keep and where to set stricter boundaries. Prioritize your most essential survival needs, taking note of who pays for your lifestyle and who agrees with your core values. By November 10, you will have a chance to lick your wounds and recharge.

Scorpio Rising

Let got of expectations, not people. Look at how other people may be bringing to light your conditioning that is due for an update. Don’t get mad, don’t get even. Just become a new alien. Change your own habits rather than blaming the current circumstances. Set yourself up with a robust healing sanctuary at home. Don’t try to untangle all the crossed wires from the day, just melt into a steamy bath and get some sleep.

Wanting too hard for everything to go according to agreed-upon plans can lead to confusion and maybe even hurt feelings. The mixed messages and elusive promises can feel disorienting and chaotic. On the bright side, you are learning to communicate your wishes to collaborators, employees and partners. You are building shared dreams with other people and it’s going to take some time for these communication lessons to set in. Try not to jump to conclusions or take harshly decisive actions. Wait til the dust settles, which may not totally clear up until January. If anything needs to slough off, it should come easily with little to no effort on your part. Just allow the process to work itself out.

Sagittarius Rising

A little extra understanding goes a long way. These days, you may feel like a stranger in a strange land. Your work and regular surroundings may seem unrecognizable to you, alien or uncomfortable. There may be a shift in alliances or a demand for new protocol or daily procedures. While you may wonder who or what you can trust anymore, remember not to take things personally. Even if conversations feel like a thousand tiny attacks and dredge up hard feelings and memories, see this as an educational life adventure. Like a college student with way more homework than seems humanly possible, exhaustion can stoke extra emotions. Keeping a good work/health routine can steady you through this time.

Pretend you are a guest, or an envoy, here to learn the customs of this strange planet. Take copious notes. Avoid squabbles. Even if it feels like people are teaming up against you with their annoyingly insignificant details, be a generous listener. October 19 is a good date to show you understand through words or actions. Through all of it, go for stability and kindness. Even if peoples’ complaints drum up big emotions or trauma patterns, keep it simple and grounded with a steady daily routine.

Capricorn Rising

This month you can push for achieving tangible goals that feel good to you. Swing for the fences. Take extra doses of T. Burst through the drywall while straddling a wrecking ball. Risk being destructive about the breakable items you have been precious about. Go for that grant that’s out of reach. Talk back to your boss. Tell the world that they need to move. But you aren’t just being destructive. You come bearing gifts: deliver the action plan. You won’t ruffle anyone’s feathers if you barge in with how you are going to turn things around, make something spectacular. Trust in yourself to stake your claim. Even if it’s a tall order, figure out the follow-through later. Around October 23, you can have some clarity on the path forward.

What you make in this life will last for eons. Right now, you stand at a crossroads. Will you choose the conventional concern-driven path following the lead of a hierarchical design. WIll you choose what you enjoy, believe in and know better than the back of your hand? This eclipse, give yourself quiet time to ruminate and scry up the answer to this question: What are you really working towards?

Aquarius Rising

Don’t fight the feeling. Now is the time to lean into your talent for going against the grain. But instead of going against the grain of cultural norms, can you go against the grain of your own prized eccentricities and steadfast convictions? This month you have the potential to see the world differently by dumbly romping through the wilderness of civilization. Actually listen to people. Find concord, harmony and understanding that brightens your heart. Allow a supple, gentle glow to permeate your bod. Go on adventures with friends and embrace the simple pleasures this world has to offer.

After October 24 and into the first half of November, you sort out an array of new perspectives. As you question your sense of reality, looking through a new lens reveals missing pieces about your origins and conditioning. If you fight against the “simpletons” and “sheeple” around you it will feel painful and you won’t see them for who they really are. This is an opportunity to reveal the origin story of your outlook, beliefs and patterns. Newfound clarity helps you see your current environment more clearly. The more you go with it and admit to not knowing, the easier this whole process will be.

Pisces Rising

As you zero in on what you want out of this phase of life, you are bombarded by thoughts about how things could or should be. Take in cues as to how to incorporate the things you most value, the things that matter, that nourish you, body and soul. While you experience this internal understanding, you are also on the receiving end of other people’s worries, complaints and concerns. Or it may be that a side of you is worried about how things are going financially and logistically. Worries about what is fair in the way assets are distributed in relationships can stem from emotions like fear and desperation. Take note of the real world observations that are being brought to your attention.

Building towards October 12, you could feel harangued by facts about how you share roles and resources. While it’s important to capture these concerns in writing (make a list), you can let the emotional intensity slide. Find a good compromise on October 19. This eclipse season (Oct 25-Nov 8), you are developing your cloudy visions into a realistic framework, like a photo developing in a dark room, to reveal how your true wishes will form the next leg of your journey.

Aries Rising

As you contend with confusing conversations with a yappy dog on a long leash, notice your emotions. Don’t let a tiny spoiled chihuahua trigger you. Ask yourself:

“What am I REALLY mad about?”

Go deep to find the answer. When our baggage rules us, the stuff we check off the to-do list will need to get done again the right way later on. Sometimes we have to walk with one foot in this life and one foot in our dreamspace in order to get things done well.

Around October 17-19, some of what the yappy doggos are saying might start to make a little bit of sense. New facts come to light, but may not be what you want to hear. Learn to not react bigly to every annoying detail. During the eclipses (Oct 25-Nov 8), stay tuned into your subconscious to guard against getting triggered by nonsense. You can process with more emotions than just angry reactions. Sob to your pets about your sorrows. Go swimming to rinse out your system. Make abstract splatter paintings about how you feel. After the dust settles, you will have a chance to give a measured response. But for right now, take in all the new information.

Taurus Rising

My grandmother worked for the county clerk in Youngstown, Ohio when Ella Fitzgerald married her bassist, Ray Brown. It was big news at the time. My grandmother remarked on Fitzgerald’s big presence and their positive energy as a couple. It was a happy marriage and they adopted a son together. Their son was raised by Fitzgerald’s aunt because they were both on the road constantly. Ray and Ella ended up divorcing 6 years later because they were both too busy with touring.

Sometimes you have to let go of what you love. This month there could be lots of give-and-take. You are measuring what you get out of your relationships and whether it’s really worth it when you add up the good and subtract the bad. You may be weighing the hardship and hustle that it takes to get all the things you love. Every one of the little comforts that make life feel livable may not all be necessary. Everything comes at a cost. Sometimes you take a loss in the short term to get rid of something that is not working out for the long term. Especially during the eclipses from October 25 – November 8, be ready to accept some sacrifices.

Gemini Rising

Lean extra hard on the Gemini skill of keeping it light. Try everything once, but don’t go all in. Pay attention, take note of the precise details, and clearly communicate while keeping your tone easy breezy. On October 12, there could be a war of words, but stay upbeat, positive and detached. Bring in a fun, rough and tumble energy. Shake hands and share a drink afterwards. Bring joy, play, the spirit of friendship. You can even let go of obligations, duties and routines that feel expired.

The eclipses on October 25 and November 8 are a renewal process for you, a dormant period to undergo transformation. I will leave you with advice on caring for a molting duck from fowlguide.com:

“Molting ducks need a little bit of understanding and patience. Molting periods are likely to be the times that your ducks are at odds with each other. Individuals are likely to be grumpy, as molting isn’t very comfortable, and the strain on their bodies can be great. Newly grown feathers can be sensitive and fragile and can bend and break easily. Do your best to avoid touching your ducks and give them all plenty of space during molting seasons.”

Cancer Rising

There is a lot going on in your world right now, both at home and at work. It’s a balancing act to conserve and manage your energy. At work, you are on the spot to perform and handle obligations, pressured by peoples’ expectations of you. Meanwhile, there is a lot to take care of at home, errands and relationship needs. The saying, “no rest for the weary” comes to mind. Work and home responsibilities are squeezing out much-needed alone time. October 19 could offer a nice little moment to get some peace and quiet.

During the eclipse period between October 25 and November 8, there may be a lot of push-and-pull and frenetic energy, but don’t get caught up in the swelling momentum. Ride the waves and position yourself to take advantage of the existing power. Work with the energy, like a surfer seeing a new wave on the horizon, paddling hard at the beginning, then letting the wave do the work and maneuvering on the board so it doesn’t go too fast or slow. Don’t fight or fret. work with the energy (not against it). Work it to your advantage. Find cushions of space for yourself to rest. Conserve your energy around the situation.

Leo Rising

Even though your foundation is being detonated and restructured, this could (in a way) be a positive time for you. If you are open to the unexpected and keep a curious mindset, you can have some cool conversations and learn to reuse things and ideas in an ingenious way. Embrace the new and accept a childish, imaginative reframe of life. There is no getting around that this is a disorienting time, like the story of Alice in Wonderland, where things grow “curioser and curioser” as she tries to make sense of what is really going on. If you worry too much, you could feel sunk, or despondent about it. Delight in weird perspectives, in “not-knowing” and frame the cacophony as a treasure box of jewels.

This eclipse season (Oct 25-Nov 8), open yourself to what may unfold during your soul’s journey. Say yes to unexpected opportunities that you never would have chosen, but that may turn out to be more wondrous than you could have predicted. Even if the ground is quicksand and the sky is swirling, just do your best. It’s the experience of the adventure that matters. Go along for the ride and you will come back a changed and more worldly person.

Virgo Rising

The Serenity Prayer was made for times like these. Although you may have new opportunities, you are also assessing if it’s really worth it. The question is whether the work aligns with your values in the way you imagined. Forward motion at work and taking responsibility pays off, but financial gains are at the expense of your personal mojo or may come with relationships that take a toll. A face-off on October 12 can be followed by finally being able to talk some sense into a delusional, idealistic or passionate partner, colleague, employee or boss.

By the eclipses October 25 and November 8, you could be feeling drained, and in assessment mode, taking names and making plans. Know your own agenda, set boundaries and don’t get pulled into nonsensical conversations. Step around the chaos. Take a last-minute flight to somewhere magical (or read a book or pray yourself away to another land). At the beginning of “Feel So Different” Sinéad O’Connor said the Serenity Prayer. After the eclipses you may feel so different.

“We spent a long time talking

I thought they meant every word they said

But like everyone else, they were stalling

And now they seem so different…

… The whole time I’d never seen

All I’d need was inside me

And now I seem so different”

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