January Horoscopes

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Capricorn Rising

This January is about choosing the real you and letting the right ones in. As you foster a deeper understanding of your self, you find pleasure in relationships. The more true you are to your creative style and taste, the more you invest in what matters to you. Focus on the objects you want in your life, the values you want to live by and how to connect with people in a meaningful way.

For the objects you want in your life, think aesthetics as well as what feels good. Think of the things you want to make, acquire, sustain and treasure. For your values, think “life purpose”. Consider how the objects you choose, your personal values and the people in your life are all interconnected.

For example, Japanese architect and art collector, Takeo Obayashi, develops relationships with the artists whose work he collects. His Yu-un Guesthouse in Tokyo is accessible to the public and according to Artsy, “yu-un” means “a space for people to gather and connect with each other through arts and culture”.

Takeo wants to create a space for everyone to meet the artists he is passionate about. He said, “Art collectors should have their own eyes and their own tastes. You probably won’t feel the investment, but so what—as a collector, you should sometimes make mistakes. Buying works from emerging artists is risky, but I don’t mind risks, I don’t buy for investment, I don’t sell.…I always make mistakes, but I never regret anything about my collection.”

You month-long goal is to patiently narrow down the things, values and people you want in your life. January 1-8, go with your intuitive joy and know that you don’t have to know everything to enjoy the company of loved ones and the company of yourself (if you fight this it could be stressful). Mid-month, from January 8-20, you are getting back to business and incorporating more parts of yourself in the work you do. After the 21st you have some yummy astrology, especially January 22-23, which could be a pay day. It may be the money sort of pay day, but it could also be the reward of choosing the things, values and people that feel true to you.

A buck for luck.

Aquarius Rising

Steve Reich described minimalist music as a “musical process” which could be made by a machine, a musician or probably even the sound of dripping water. He said, “I am interested in perceptible processes. I want to be able to hear the process happening throughout the sounding music.”

This month, your relationships are going to be highly perceptible processes. Your role in relationships will be noticed more than usual, as you deal with close relationships, especially at home. You don’t have to do an amazing job living up to the status quo as the ideal leader. Nor do you have to “problem-solve” an exceptional solution, showing everyone the way. All you have to do is listen carefully and contribute your part when it is time.

Reich said, “To facilitate closely detailed listening a musical process should happen extremely gradually. Performing and listening to a gradual musical process resembles

pulling back a swing, releasing it, and observing it gradually come to rest;

turning over an hour glass and watching the sand slowly run through the bottom;

placing your feet in the sand by the ocean’s edge and watching, feeling, and listening to the waves gradually bury them.”

The first week of 2023 is a mix of enchanting, exciting and tiring exchanges. Although there are some fun new breakthrough moments, there is a lot you are processing under the surface. Around January 14-18, you can feel like you’re rubbing up against instability at home. This is an opportune time to observe, to practice listening. Trying to fix it will wear you down. Listen to patterns and let the fabric of the patterns take on a life of their own, a universe more expansive than the sum of its parts. Notice your own patterns too.

Steve Reich said, “While performing and listening to gradual musical processes one can participate in a particular liberating and impersonal kind of ritual. Focusing in on the musical process makes possible that shift of attention away from he and she and you and me outwards towards it.”

Noticing and listening will veer you away from rigidity and veer you towards suppleness, which will prepare you for some positive attention and warm affection beginning on January 20 through the end of the month.

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Pisces Rising

Just today I was talking with someone on Ascendant Assemblies about how having planets in the 12th house is like not having all your senses available to you. It reminded me of how when a person loses their sight, they rely on their hearing, and their hearing improves. When you have planets in the 12th house, you have to rely on your 6th sense, needing to take a more spiritual approach to the archetypal functions that planet represents.

This January, Pisces Risings have some planets moving through the 12th house. And this month’s New Moon on January 21 is in your 12th house. In some ways you are having to navigate life without your usual senses or other aides that you normally rely on. So you may benefit from using a more intuitive approach.

On the other hand, this month you will have a new lease on life, especially in the area of making money through something that is meaningful to you. The past few months have a slower, reflective time, which could have felt stagnant, eye-opening or worrisome, depending how you looked at it. But now, you are getting a glimpse of how you can move forward.

This January offers a chance to get excited about the possibilities and starting to have fun, in creative conversations. Mixing it up with family, friends and colleagues will benefit the things you make, and in turn your own self worth. Around January 13-14 you could be recognized for your talents, your compassion and what you bring to the table in friendship and community.

With forward motion and excitement in the air, it’s still important to preserve your energy. Take stock of the last few months, and some of the insight you collected, that has since unfurled. Take time to soak up the extra-sensory information you may receive through your dreams, your imagination or your gut feeling. Notice how you interpret information, how you determine meaning based on your memories and your own emotional field, your animal radar. Evaluating your way of finding meaning in the space around you, with the sensory and extra-sensory information you perceive, will show you more about your values so you can gravitate deeper towards a vocation that feeds you.

In case you want to watch a cute short about how we navigate our world through senses, perceptions and imagination, watch this animation short.

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Aries Rising

For the past several months Aries Risings have been dealing with the retrograde of your ruling planet, Mars. I personally believe this Mars retrograde has been hardest on Aries Risings, so kiss kiss hug hug and/or fist bump. Good job survivng it all. It’s been a communication challenge, working out the kinks in how you react or respond to your perception. As you make sense of the facts, you can finally get a handle on how what you presume (based on perception) may not always be exactly right. It has been a lesson in waiting until the whole story is available before taking action. Learning not to just lash out. Learning to give people the benefit of the doubt, and learning the art of inquiry, asking questions to fill in the blanks when you don’t know the whole story.

The first week of 2023 has helped assuage some of the rough spots, and you are being seen in a good light, maybe even a forgiving light. There is more space for everyone to get a chance to explain and be seen with more understanding. From January 6-8, it’s a good time to take a step back, recharge your batteries. From January 8-10, you can have some good conversations about practical affairs, about money, appearance, career or public projects.

Your ruling planet, Mars, goes direct on January 12, which will feel good, but it’s a gradual process to warm up your engines before zooming off. And you are still processing information with the people around you. January 13-16 is a good time to use your new skills of giving people space, giving them the benefit of the doubt.

From January 21-30 you can experience good times with friends and colleagues. Some of this can be very public, and concurrently can have a healing effect internally. You are learning to ask questions in a way that isn’t like a harsh interrogation that shuts people down. Hear them out before jumping to conclusions. You have an opportunity to make amends, move on and lighten your load.

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Taurus Rising

The new year starts strong for the Taurus Risers. You are back in action. Projects are re-ignited after having stalled out/ put on hold while you handled more pressing interpersonal, personal resource issues. Now you are drawn to do things in the public eye, which can mean anything from being interviewed for a new storym being recognized at work or that you are just getting out of the bubble of your internal affairs. The first week of the year, there is a clear shift to being out in the world more, and being busy with taking care of business.

Midway through the month, from January 12 on, as you gradually have more energy to create your material world, there will be this choppy resolution period. You may run into obstacles January 14-15, when a big change that has already happened within yourself becomes apparent. You realize that with this “new you”, your relationship to the goals you strive to accomplish has also shifted (could be that colleagues need to catch up with your different approach). By January 19, you will reconcile differences and be ready to move forward.

The New Moon in Aquarius on January 21 will jump start an old project in a new push to see it through to the end. Ask yourself what it is that you are ready to get back to work on. Your “car” has been parked at a rest stop or in the shop (I know, more car metaphors lol), and now you are ready to get back on the freeway. Give focused strategic energy January 22-23 and 29-30. Capitalize on this new creative spark to create a project that has some longevity, that makes sense (and money) in accord with your values. This will likely involve brainstorming conversations with others.

As an inspiration for you: this Dennis Cooper blog post I stumbled on (he often has guest bloggers so I don’t know who actually arranged this). It’s a collection of paintings by non-painters. I mean, anyone who paints is a painter. But these are paintings by musicians, actors, politicians… basically all people who are not known as painters, who haven’t committed the bulk of their career to painting, but had the urge to put the bulk of their focus into painting for a short spell, or as a total career shift. There are quotes from each non-painter painter, many talking about how they followed this urge, this impulse or a visualization that crept in their mind and they became obsessed with following through on making it into a painting.

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Gemini Rising

This month is an opportune time for picking up on things that got missed in previous go-rounds. Applying intuitive perception to sniff out overlooked secrets. By the end of the first week of January, you are downright snorkeling your way within to expose the unseen, which could be wordless insights. January 8-9, you are exploring the unseen, within your past, in the ether, in all the feeling spaces around you.

Like actual snorkeling or scuba diving, expect surprises, like oh my damn a real walrus is swimming right beside me! Ahhh! Thrilling, disturbing, enchanting and weird in the best way. It can open up your world, by way of opening up the conduits between conscious and subconscious knowledge. Spill the beans of your inner journeys with others around you, it could be fun to chat about your findings while also bolstering your understanding.

As Mars goes direct in your first house on January 12, take is easy as you slowly get your engine purring again. I picture you buffing a classic car, getting it ready to cruise with some old school classics. Continue your exploring, and keep it super chill and juicy vibes. Go for looooong rides and deeeeeep dives. And create good circumstances to talk with others about it.

Songs that promote an easy cruise:

Is It Any Wonder? – Durand Jones

I Like It – DeBarge

Baby Love – The Supremes

Lonely Teardrops – Jackie Wilson

Dreamland – Marcia Griffiths

Weak for Your Love – Thee Sacred Souls

Two Slow Dancers – Mitski

I Think It’s Going to Rain Today – Bette Midler

Over and Over – The Altons

Paloma Negra – Chavela Vargas

The Stranger Song – Emmylou Harris

The Martyr – SRSQ

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Cancer Rising

The ever-changing Moon (which rules Cancer) can promote various perceptions from the world around you that vary, from reactionary resistance to enveloping compassion. Able to flow and grow with the tides while creating a space that sustains natural development. While things have been heavy for Cancer Risings, and this may continue through January, you can moderate how you work through this time. Keep your energy up by playing music, dancing and finding pockets of joy. Don’t let black-and-white “reality checks” bear down on you, sinking heavy into your bones. Keep moving. Keep momentum. Keep hope effervescent.

Social situations lighten things up throughout the month, as you may be noticed for who you are, or at least having delightful conversations in your public projects. January 7 may bring confusion with a partner, but wait for several translations before you jump to conclusions. And on January 13-14 issues at home could be hard, so try not to make small things into a big deal. Try to gently respond over a reflective pool of time, not react bigly in the moment. Try to listen and allow space for movement, rather than a heavy label that traps the person into something they didn’t really mean in a forever way. With the annoying things that people do day in and day out, notice how your reactionary stance is coloring their possibly benign rhythms. Consider ways to soften, make light, dance and sing in rhythm with the situations you find yourself in.

After January 21 you will be busy with professional relationships and career projects, mixing it up with lots of different people, from colleagues to comrads. While all this socializing provides enjoyable connections and pleasant soirees and shindigs, it will be all the better if you are also learning the aforementioned communication skills with your more intimate relationships and partnerships. It’s like Bill Murray on Groundhog’s Day, where it’s not about their god-awful predictable idiocy, it’s about you learning to expand your perception, to change your response to and interaction with the familiar faces around you.

PS – Just because, aka for no good reason, let’s remember this quote from last month because I like how it feels:

“over waves rolling; I had grief before dawn”

Tips joyously accepted.

Leo Rising

While you are busy with daily work and health routines, your relationships are on fire. It’s a busy time, where you may have more people and tasks in your life than you know what to do with. Decide who you want in your inner circle and move people around based on recent interactions as well as your current focus and bandwidth. Evaluate how they value you and how much you are mutually symbiotic at this stage of the game. Re-calibrate your attitude, energy and boundaries, pulling back on some people and warming up to other people. This will pay off later in the month (see below).

By the end of the first week, on January 7, you may feel a (continued) lack of clarity on some workplace drama (or could be health-related) that will eventually get resolved. Try not to engage with worried diatribes. As things continue to heat up, resist frenzy. Don’t get embroiled. Stay true to your own eternal essence and way of being. Don’t worry about power grabs and petty disagreements, just stay true to you. Own your own self, and either take accountability, walk away from or iron out issues by January 19.

Starting January 21, you get a fresh start in relationships, and you benefit from your interpersonal boundaries work earlier in the month when you sorted out boundaries, inner circle collaborators and who you want distance from. January 24-25 can be super fun, going on adventures, meeting new people and talking up a storm. While this is generally a socially awesome time for you, there will still be work to do in your interpersonal communication with co-workers, colleagues and stakeholders. January 29-30 is a positive time for networking and is a great time to pitch a project. Be with people you like working with and be in your own cat body, strutting your stuff in between murdering vermin, preening in the sun, cuddling your feline pals and wandering your territory.

Appreciate the cats in your cat pod. Balance the (healthy and necessary) negative energy of setting new boundaries, with positive energy and give extra love to the people in your cat pod. There are so many ways to spread positive energy to your people. For example, the Chinese tradition of hóngbāo, giving people clean, crisp new cash bills in red envelopes to celebrate holidays or life events. Traditionally meant to protect children from evil spirits, hóngbāo are usually given from older to younger generations, but can be from boss to employee. Leo Risings fare well when looking out for the children in their lives. Who can you recognize in your life with a little financial boost, tasty treat or special note of sugary love?

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Virgo Rising

The first week of 2023 you are a busy bee, with lots of chances to collaborate and engage in creative exchange. Creative work is the name of your game at the moment, with a deep focus on developing your persona and refining your talents to express yourself in a way that is both true to yourself and engaging to others. Even though you may be kicking off new projects at whim and engaging in playful, witty banter, you are exercising discipline. You are consciously improving how you express thoughts and create output that the public will value.

On January 7, you will go deep into the basement to kick the boiler and go under the hood of your creative machinery. By January 8-14 you may come up with some breakthroughs that get results after a period of stuckness, getting a new light shone on work collaborations and creative exchange. Which can help your career and public projects as Mars in Gemini goes direct on January 12, you will gradually feel some forward momentum over the course of the month. Ditto for Mercury in Capricorn stationing direct on January 18.

Virgo Risings are known for managing the pieces behind the scenes, working out the kinks for everyone else. Like an alien brought to earth to save these humans who fumble about in a greed-infused shambles of a civilization. But right now you are forced to confront your own flaws, and it’s a pleasurable delight. Isn’t the ultimate Virgo Rising “me time” just time to correct our own flaws lol.

The truth is, you have something to say, in your own rhythm and style. As you finesse your self-expression and apply your creative intellect to reach solutions to everyday problems (like only a Virgo Rising can), remember YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY. Your story matters. Develop your raw words into a polished product and publish it – get it out into the world, you fine gem, you.

From January 21 through the end of the month, you will have lots of work on your plate, which tends to be something you love. Especially when you have some control in the matter and the gears are moving relatively smoothly.

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Libra Rising

Check out this didactic pair of haikus (17 syllables, 5/7/5) from a physics professor:

Just as in haiku
Earth imposes hard limits
We must live within

It’s preposterous
To think that human imagination is lim…

The first haiku is hewn to fit within the bounds of the form. The second one is off-the-cuff, sloppily human, wasting space on superfluous, emotional overflow. While January started with a lot of energy and social excitement, focus on rhythm, pacing and crafting ways to live gracefully within your limits.

After a boisterous first week of fun socializing and being seen, take downtime from January 6-10. Prepare for upheaval and excitement January 14-16, especially around how you innovate a regular safety net within your core unit VS freely expressing openly, playfully with other people. This can feel like a rough push, handling the unexpected in how you balance communication about money flow, earning, saving, risk-taking, indulging, sharing and/or cutting back.

Focus on an elegant solution that works within your means. Design within the bounds of your reality. Be real about the limitations of your resources, your own talents and the actual capabilities of people in your life. This way you can see the big picture and capitalize on your circumstances. Proactively making lemonade out of lemons, rather than realizing too late that you don’t have enough room for the whole statement in the bounds of your haiku.

From January 21-23, you will apply your evaluation of your circumstances to your benefit, creating a sound agenda, able to express your gameplan in a way that is concise, innovative and appealing.

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Scorpio Rising

During the first couple weeks, you have a chance feel at home in the world, cozying into your closest relationships. While things are feeling good with the people closest to you and you’re setting good habits in your life, you may feel a little sluggish. This is a perfect time to slow down, tend to your home and nuzzle in.

Take note of your desires and actions. Not just what’s on the surface, but also how you instinctively act in response to others in your life. Give conscious attention to the little unnoticed reactions, movements to secure resources or to establish positioning.

If astrology has any truth to it, then a Virgo Rising like me gives lots of advice (like I am doing right now). A Mars-ruled Aries rising jumps into action to get things done. A Mars-ruled Scorpio Rising holds power under the surface, keeping tabs on a deep reality check. Let’s hope we are both doing our god-given astrological duties with understanding and benevolence. So how does a Virgo Rising like the advice to you that your power wielding ways are okay as long as you are respecting other peoples’ autonomy.

For the extra cozy time being, you can skirt by with some extra juicy power in your court. But it’s in your best interest be healthy (ugh) and to prepare for eventual blow back. Even though people go with things in the moment, on reflection, they may feel that you overpowered them. And later this month, your relationships have a chance for a constructive lift, which will only be possible if you have already built consensual boundaries through mutual agency.

January 8-10 is an opportune time to notice and co-build good relationships while things are feeling effervescent and delicious. January 14-15 there may be some unexpected upheavals, which is ideal to notice what’s not working and re-define boundaries together (which can be done through vibes or literal conversation). January 21-23, you can move forward with the healthy (ugh) close relationships you have been working on together.

The ultimate goal is a sound structure to hold your personal sanctuary, your home, your neighborhood, your coven, your safe space that is the root system that grounds your public life. Consider what is holding it together. In your case, what is being brought to light is the quality of communication among your loved ones and any tight partnerships (home or work). Even when you have the impetus to act with force and confidence, as a natural leader that everyone can rely on, how do you invite consensual dialog that deeply makes space for the authentic voice and insight of your companions, comrades and collaboarators?

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Sagittarius Rising

Welcome to 2023 Sag Risers! You have a big creative burst through the first part of the year (until May 16 to be exact – if you want to know the astro-geekery, send me an email). You have abundant creative energy to express yourself in a way that can benefit you greatly. This period will be followed by a busy, nose-to-the-grindstone time, so use this creative expression period to pitch projects that you will want to work hard on later. Get people fired up about things you want to see come into fruition. This is a good time to inspire peoples’ confidence in you, and to ask for money. Take risks and leaps of faith. The astrology gods prescribes that you show extra love and kindness to kids. Bring them presents, money and play games with them to let them know they are special. Summing it up – throughout the first half of 2023, have a blast!

There are a couple traps you could fall into during this super fun time. With abundant energy, you need to be ultra generous. Give away what you have. Like that Chili Peppers song, “Give it away give it away give it away now.” Make sure you are letting your energy out by any means necessary. You can exercise, do sports, play competitive games, make art, music, dance and have fun! Also, for every pitch and proposal you make that will benefit you, make sure you are supporting other peoples’ dreams in the making. Bring people along and share the wealth. If you make things too much about you, the energy can become too one-sided, which can cause your dysfunction of choice… depression, anxiety, stress. Take breaks from making it about you. Share your enthusiasm, but also meet people where they are. At times you can limit your emotional expression to dial it in to where the room is at. You want to weave in grace and elegance. Showmanship is about more than just grabbing everyone’s attention, it’s also making a real connection.

The first week of 2023 will be generally pleasant, even though you’re still dealing with issues communicating with partnerships (at work or home). On January 9 you have an opportunity to make amends/ clarify some communication. It can feel like a tiny breakthrough, a load off your back. Focus on how you contribute to the home, and notice the positive: feel good about what you have and do little things to brighten up the place. January 21-30 is a great time for communication, whether it’s chatting, brainstorming, getting errands done, redefining reality with your partners or your own visionary creative writing. Some of the communication snafus from last year can get worked out during this period. You are great at getting your point across and you are seen in a positive light. Before January 20, pay attention to how much you have grown through the struggles of last year. Appreciate yourself and the people who helped you through their adversarial roles. Those uphills have strengthened you and now you are more mature, kind and thoughtful, ready for this next chapter.

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